Gleneagles Red Brown Gecophone

1933 Gleneagles Gecophone acquired by its owner many years ago. Dial has been retro-fitted.

Actual colour may be darker than shown in photo.  Cradle is darker colour, but is red brown and is totally original to the phone.  This is the same as I have seen on other examples.

Has metal lined dial insert, which is the hallmark of the early phones, but has the later 232 style internals and the two cable entry points at the rear of the phone.  The earlier examples had cast metal 162 style internals plus a single cable entry point at the rear of the phone.

From the Phone’s owner:

“The telephones never had dials, the user simply picked up the telephone and told ‘hotel reception’ what they wanted. Maybe a meal, maybe a London number…All the old Gecophones were withdrawn from use in the 1970s and put in a room of the hotel.

Rod Jones no doubt stumbled upon the these telephones and bought the lot.  My understanding is that he started removing the paint – most were black, but a small number were brown.”


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