Metal Prototype 1929 Siemens Brothers No. 83 & 91

One of a kind. Phone, bellset and cradle are a made from a sand cast metal alloy. Also has a metal plunger, cast metal internals and the metal lined dial holder typical of the earliest pyramids. The Siemens 83/91 is simply a Siemens 82 Neophone on an open bellset.

The Siemens 83/91 is simply a Siemens 82 (which dates back to 1929) with the cast base removed and an open bell-set added.  The Siemens 83/91 is the forerunner of the Siemens 310.

This phone was found in a large batch of black pyramids bought from Australia by Neil Carpenter many years ago, and recently polished by Bob Angel.  The final photo shows the oxidized phone before polishing.

Was a tough decision whether to polish or leave original and whether or not to remove the remaining paint remnants on the bell-set.  Ultimately, I decided to have the phone professionally polished by Bob, but to preserve the original “Siemens Available In All States” decal, which I have never seen before.  The decal indicates that the phone was probably in use in Australia at some point in time and I am assuming that it was shipped there from England, as many “obsolete” phone items seemed to be shipped off for use overseas.

Neil also found a second metal pyramid (a prototype metal Siemens 82)  in the same batch of black phones from Australia.  This phone is now in the hands of another collector and I believe that this may be the same metal neophone featured on  The phone looks to have been polished with wire wool.



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