Australian phones made to GPO specifications

The Australian 162s were only made in black and ivory, EXCEPT for a small number made in the mid 1930s and put on display at the AWA factory in Melbourne.

I am hoping that someone reading this might have knowledge (or even photographs) of the display items at the AWA factory as it would be great to know what other AWA coloured phones are out there. Please also contact me if you recall seeing any of these phones previously, possibly at an Australian phone exhibition many years ago.

I have also heard that someone has a red 232 and it would be great to know more about the origins of this and possibly other 232 colours.

Patchwork Mottled Brown AWA 162

The most unusual 162! The colour runs all the way through the bakelite (it’s not painted on!) and the phone is complete, even though the top and bottom do not match. This 1936 phone was manufactured as a display item at the AWA PMG Workshop in Melbourne.

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Red AWA 162

One of a kind red AWA 162. Manufactured to be used as a display item at the AWA PMG Workshop in Melbourne. AWA issued only black and ivory phones as standard due to the issue of colour fade caused by the strong sunlight.

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