This predates the 1933 Gleneagles gecophones.   Bears the hallmarks of the earliest phones, including metal plunger & internals, & metal lined hole for dial. Has a very rare early nickel plated metal dial blank (the only example that I have seen).

Another early feature is the single cable entry hole on the back of the phone, as opposed to the regular two holes (e.g. as seen on the Gleneagles Gecophones).

This is a KS7302 GECophone (Gleneagles brown Gecophones are KS 7549).  The nickel plated dial blank matches the standard GEC early metal plunger.  (GEC also used a metal nickel plated plunger on the early black Gecophones and this was covered in a black rubbery paint.)

Rod Jones has confirmed that all Gleneagles Gecophones’ capacitors are dated 1933 and that none had the early internals or the single cable entry point to the back of the phone.  The black early internals GECophone on this site is dated 1931.

Drop me an email if you know about these phones.


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